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About Us

A growing consulting, consumer and business research firm with fervour to become an unparalleled name in the industry.

Our History

Our aim at Research Assured is to amalgamate our experience, meticulous research, and a global reach to enable our clients to achieve an optimal integration. Which not only simplifies the growth for them but, also enables them to accelerate their productivity while maintaining cost efficiency.


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Who We Are?

Research Assured is an international data collection company operating carefully curated proprietary online panels. Together with our select industry partners we directly connect with over 10,000,000 respondents in over 22 countries with a focus on Consumers.

What We Do?

Managed by our high performing team, we employ state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices that deliver high client satisfaction. We currently partner with many of the largest research firms and corporations globally. Our clients return to us as we are one of the most capable fielding companies in the industry.

Why Us?

As experienced researchers, we are committed to delivering data quality that drives meaningful business outcomes.

Research Services

Data Collection

Class leading data collection services with global research capabilities compassing quantitative and qualitative approaches.

B2B Offline Sampling

Conducting only online B2B research has some limitations and you may be sometimes missing you targets.

B2B Online Sampling

B2B sampling can be challenging and complex to execute.Identifying the reliable sources that yield quality results

Consumer Online Sampling

With so many online panels available, choosing the best panel is quite a challenge.

Consumer Offline Sampling

Working with the most respected global panel suppliers we could reach any specific sample targets around the globe.

Data processing and Analytics

Trust our prehensile analytics team with a natural flair to untwine from a pool of data, the insights that count.

Quality Control – An Overview

Double Opt-In Registration

Surveys are sent to only those panelists who have agreed to receive email invitations to ensure higher response rates

Response Flagging

Straight liners/Speedsters/Invalid respondents are flagged when possible and removed from the database

Respondent Verification

Respondent profiles are continuously tracked to ensure data is valid and accurate as it relates to demographics

Managed Participation Level

A panelist on an average is allowed to participate in only 2 surveys in a month and inactive panelists are periodically phased-out from receiving survey opportunities.

Incentive Management

Respondent profiles are continuously tracked to ensure data is valid and accurate as it relates to demographics

Global Certifications

Adopting ISO standards, follow ESOMAR guidelines for research and panel management.

Local Presence

Our Local Team has a well aware of local research needs; thought partnership on sampling, data collection etc. with our prestigious clients

Data Collection – Execution

Kick-off calls

Kick-off calls with client and partners to ensure that everyone is on the same page with respect to sample requirements

Soft launch

“Soft launch” with the small sample size (~50) and validation of survey data, prior to full launch.

Monitoring and managing

Monitoring and managing survey invitations to ensure that invites are send only to the correct profiles

Incidence and feasibility checks

Incidence and feasibility checks to assess where maximum terminations are happening, and exploring measures like targeting

Regular communication

Regular communication with the client regarding the challenges observed in field, and suggest ways to overcome them without affecting the data quality and purpose of research

Change management

Change management - In case of ad-hoc changes made by the client, prompt communication is made regarding the possible impact they might have on the final Incidence and Feasibility


“The best vision is insight.” – Malcolm Forbes At Research Assured we believe insight can be only carved with perfection by the chisel of knowledge. The market today is flooded with copious opportunities. However, there is a dearth of organizations competent enough to successfully tap into the market dynamics to their advantage. Reason being the market today is highly susceptible to the smallest of changes, so vision alone cannot suffice. The supernova of information outburst in the last few decades has enabled the consumer to take more informed decisions. Informedconsumers of yesterday have evolved into mavens of today. Making it necessary for every decision to be endorsed by an exhaustive research behind.

Data Collection – An Overview


Strategic Relationships

We are ESOMAR certified and have regional panel, which enables us to gain valuable insights into the local markets and ensure high quality data at competitive prices

Consultative Approach

We help clients decide on the right sampling approach based on sample availability and use innovative methodologies to get access to ‘difficult to reach’ audiences


Performance and Feedback Mechanism

Established process for assessing performance and a strong mechanism for sharing regular feedback with partners




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